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Vilvi Group consists of 6 companies: Vilkyškių pieninė AB, “Modest“ AB, Kelmės pieninė AB, „Kelmės pienas“ UAB, “Pieno logistika“ AB and SIA „Baltic Dairy Board”. The group operates 5 food processing factories that produce exceptional products:

  • Hard, semi-hard and soft cheeses, blue cheese “Memel blue“, which is produced using an original recipe;
  • Cheeses with vegetable fat;
  • Fresh dairy products like kefir, yogurt, curd and consumer beloved sweet curd bars;
  • Industrial cream;
    Dairy ingredients in the form of powder: whey protein concentrate, permeate, sweet whey powder, milk powder;
  • Ready-to-mix protein powder for sports nutrition – “GymON”.

Most of its production Vilvi Group exports to many countries around the globe.

The group operates under three brand names. The brand name “Vilkyškių pieninė“ is used in a domestic market and the brand name “Vilvi“ – in domestic and export markets. The group also operates under the brand name “Vilvi Group”, which unites the whole company and it’s factories.

Vilvi Group is a TOP 5 dairy processor in Lithuania and has the newly built most modern whey processing plant in Northern Europe with fully automated processing process. As a result, the Group can offer consumers the highest quality whey products.

“Verslo žinios“ announced the annual “Lithuanian business leaders 500“ list for 2019. Vilvi Group is in the TOP 100 of the list. “Investor of the year“ in 2016, “Packaging sector leader“ in 2016 (second place in environmental education initiative category), “Lithuanian export“ award in 2017, “Annual cultural sponsor“ in 2018 are only a few awards won by the group. The brand name “Vilkyškių pieninė“ has won an annual award “Brand of the year“ in 2013 and 2015. The group’s products receive the “Most popular goods“ award in their respected categories annually.

Vilvi Group follows the highest quality standards in European Union as well as the regulatory food safety and quality rules. Factories of the group are ISO22000 and FSSC quality certified. Vilvi Group processing plants are HALAL and Kosher certified.

Consolidated and Separated
Finacial Statements For The Year

Consolidated and Separated
Finacial Statements For The Year

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